dilluns, 10 de desembre de 2007

Wich Grey's Anatomy Character Are you?

I'm Alex Karev

The rough and unconcerned attitude that u project, hides a person affected by his/her surroundings and with moral values. Despite the image you put forward of not really caring, you are actually a person who prides himself/herself on sticking to one value (like absolute honesty). Despite everything you are able to form connections with your friends, and once you have, you are able to be there for them in ways others can't.

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2 comentaris:

Gemma ha dit...

...jo tb soc alex karev! i la neus tb!! dir aque aixo es poc original....

Ingrid ha dit...

jajaj...jo tmb sóc l'Alex!!!jajaj
wow...tothom és l'Alex per lo vist..